How To Keep My Pool Clean

How To Keep My Pool Clean

Are there certain steps that should be followed to keep a pool clean?

When you are shopping around in Nevada and trying to find the right company to install your swimming pool. You will find many companies provide you with free pool quotes. It is important to get this information promptly so you are aware of the type of pool you can fit in your yard. Many pool installation companies also work with lenders. So you can fill out a pool loan application and take out swimming pool loans.

Once you have had your swimming pool installed you may be wondering exactly how to keep your pool clean. The pool installation company should have gone over some basic cleaning techniques to help educate you on caring for your pool. Many pool installation companies will also recommend pool maintenance and repair companies. These companies are able to trouble shoot any problems you may be experience with your pool water. They can also open and close your pool for the season if you do no live in a climate where you can keep your pool open year round.

To keep your pool looking clean and healthy you will want to be sure that you are checking the pools pH levels at least twice weekly. If you are a very busy person you may want to set a reminder in your smart phone to chime every 3 or 4 days. If you live in a climate where you can keep your pool open year round. You will want to check it once or twice a week during the summer months at least two or three times during each winter month. Pool pH levels should be in the 7.2 to 7.8 range. The higher the pH levels in a pool the less the chlorine levels will be.

By maintaining a proper pH level you will not need to continually be adding chlorine to your pool. If you experience a period of storms and bad weather you will want to check your pH and chlorine more frequently. Because this can sometimes throw off the pools chemical balance. It is also important to routinely check your chlorinator. That make sure the proper amount of chlorine tabs are circulating throughout the water. This is something that can be checked along with the pH levels.

Chlorine and pH levels alone will not equate to a clean and healthy pool. It is important to remember you pool has a skimmer basket. The basket is usually located on the side of the pool. The job of the skimmer is to collect leaves, small floating debris and bugs. If this basket gets clogged or full then it will no longer be able to properly skim the surface of your pool. The skimmer basket alone will not remove all of the debris from your pool.

Many pool owners will purchase a hand held skimmer that will be able to remove any other larger floating debris. After storms or bad weather you may notice dirt or other debris at the bottom of your pool. To clean this up you will need to use your pool vacuum. This debris can throw the pH levels off in the pool so it is important to not let debris hang out in the pool for long. While you are performing this general pool cleaning you will also want to check the filter on your pool. Remove any hair or debris that may be clogging the filter.

No matter how strict of a routine you keep when maintaining and cleaning your pool you may still experience a dirty pool. Often time’s large shifts in temperature or an excessive amount of swimmers can throw off the chemicals in the pool. If this happens it may be time to simply ask a professional. Many pool maintenance stores can test water on the spot in the store. Simply fill a large and clean mason jar with your pool water. A quick analysis will alert the pool company as to how you need to treat your pool to get it back to healthy and clean. The minimal maintenance requirements of keeping a pool is worth the amount of relaxation and fun you will have in your personal back yard oasis.