10 Lenders To Choose From for My Pool Loan in Las Vegas Nevada

10 Lenders To Choose From for My Pool Loan in Las Vegas Nevada

Rather than cruise the net looking for swimming pool loans and risking a bad case of “information over-load,” take a look at the following 10 options to get what you need.

Lightstream Pool Loans

Lightstream Pool Loans is a national online division of Sun Trust Bank. Here, consumers with good credit can expect a hassle free loan process and come away with excellent rates. Quick and paperless, you can apply from any device that accesses the internet. In most cases, you’ll have the cash for your pool by the end of business that day.

HFS Financial

HFS Financial can help with a loan for any home improvement project, including putting in a pool. Whether you’re in Nevada, or live anywhere else in the country. HFS has helped thousands just like you get the pool of their dreams. With decades worth of experience in the home improvement loan business. They know how to make a pool loan application quick, easy and painless. Within 24 hours of submitting your application you can expect a call to discuss the details.

Lyon Financial

Lyon Financial can help you afford any of the Pool Builders Las Vegas has operating in the area. Dealing with Lyon helps assure you end up with a pool as beautiful as any found in the Summerlin Las Vegas area. Lyon Financials specialty is Swimming Pool Loans. Their loan officers will be ready to help you decide on a program that fits your needs.

The Lending Tree

The Lending Tree is a good place to secure personal loans, and as long as your credit is decent, you don’t even need collateral. Interest rates are lower than using your credit cards would be and this will save you thousands. They don’t care if you need roof repairs, debt consolidation or a pool to beat the Nevada heat, they’ll work with you to make that “pool dream” a reality.

AMS Financial

AMS Financial has been helping homeowners since 2004. Having no equity in your home isn’t a deal-breaker with this company, all you need is 30 seconds for its online pre-app for pool loans. It doesn’t matter if you’ve decided on cement, fiberglass, or are considering an above ground pool with a vinyl liner, AMS knows how to work a pool loan application so that you come out a winner.

The Lending Club

The Lending Club has the cash for you to deal with any of the Pool Builders Las Vegas has. To get going on this important addition to your real estate, get free pool quotes from your chosen contractor, show them to the Lending Club and their loan officers will then guide you through the entire process. If you’re looking into growing a business, debt consolidation or dreaming about Custom Pools Las Vegas style, the Lending Club is a good place to get it done.

Paramount Capital

Paramount Capital makes financing Custom Pools in Las Vegas easy as completing an online “pre-app” to get started. When you think how hot it gets in Summerlin Las Vegas during the summer months, taking your free pool quotes to Paramount makes a lot of sense. They are a free service dedicated to matching applicants to programs that will work for them. Once you begin the process, your new pool is only a few clicks away.

The Finance Source

The Finance Source knows any major home improvement project, especially adding a pool, can be very costly but not impossible with the right loan. This company uses skill and technology to match applicants with lenders that specialize in pool loans. Once you know how much your project is going to cost, make contact, get your loan approved and you’ll be swimming in no time.

The Lending Group

The Lending Group is usually able to help no matter what credit type you are. Good or bad, they have been helping people with online approval for unsecured personal loans since 2001. They can find an affordable program for any budget so if you thought you couldn’t really afford a pool, think again! The process is fast, uncomplicated and is 100% secure. With the Lending group, most applicants receive their funding in 24 hours or less.


CoreVest has the funding you need for the pool you want to add to your residential investment. Experienced at partnering thousands of applicants with loans for real estate improvement, plus a hassle-free closing process, they have a lot to recommend them. They are ready with the cash to fund your project and the sooner you make contact with them, the sooner your pool is in, filled, and ready to use.