How big should I build my pool

How big should I build my pool

When it comes to Summerlin or Las Vegas, everyone knows it gets hot and by hot, I mean planes can’t fly hot. If you live there, you know that there is one thing everyone has. If they don’t they are looking to get and that is a pool. That cool, refreshing oasis that beckons from the back yard of nearly every yard. Home is a must have when dealing with the heat of the summer and any time a dip in the water can be taken. However, one of the problems that most start out with. And that is how big to build the pool and that can be solved with a few steps.

Your List of Musts

In the excitement of building your pool, the best initial advice I can give is to slow down. So many get ramped up for that pool, they tend to forget a few things. I’m going to share a few things with you so that you don’t make a mistake when building a pool.

  • Who’s Using it?

    – This is a perfect starting point for your Summerlin pool build. Knowing who is going to use it can really dictate how big you need it. If it is small kids and minimal adults. You won’t need a lap pool or one with a large deep end and a lazy river. If it is more adult oriented, then go all out. Include a diving board, deep end and heck if you have room, a lazy river and swim up pool bar.

  • Space: The Final Pool Decider

    – Okay a spoof on a movie title didn’t go as planned, but space is a huge consideration. If you have a large backyard, but there’s a patio, your grill, a shed, maybe a garden, you aren’t going to build a 30′ pool if you only have 20′ to work with. Plus, there can also be regulations on how big the custom pool can be, so that has to be checked on as well.

  • Affordability 

    – I have to mention costs because if I didn’t, that would be foolish and wrong. Know your budget, know what you can afford to spend for a custom pool and don’t get over-excited by all of the options. The number of options with a pool build are crazy with all of the accessories that can be added like lights, underwater speakers, fountains, waterfalls and yes, that swim up pool bar or a hot tub on the end. Just be smart about it. You want to enjoy the pool and not be crying over the cost while doing it.

  • Style of Pool

    – You have narrowed down mostly how big you want your pool and have taken into consideration what you have in the backyard, now you need to determine the style you want. The style plays a factor in how big, because not all styles are the same and the same size. If you do laps in the pool, a round pool or oddly shaped pool won’t work at all. If you are lazy and just want to have fun, the shape doesn’t matter. The most common shapes for a built-in pool around Las Vegas and Nevada in general is the rectangle, but as more shapes and styles come into existence, have fun and be willing to go against the norm. It can be fun to do something quirky and unique.

These four things will make life that much easier when building a custom pool in the Summerlin or Las Vegas, Nevada area. Not only will the pool be the cool place to hang out, but when it is really hot, that water beckons and calls you to jump in. With all the hard work done, the pool will be enjoyable and because it is so hot, the planes won’t be flying so it will be nice and quiet too.