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Top 5 Things To Be Careful of When Building Your Own Pool and Not Hiring a Professional Pool Builder

Swimming is the best sports that cools off your body instead of sweating you out. Naturally, most of us are inclined to making the most of this sports. This makes having a swimming pool at home tempting. Especially if you know what summer heat in Las Vegas, Nevada feels like. With all the DIY motivation on the internet these days, many of us think installing a pool without professional help can save us some money. In reality, it will end up costing more than the cost of hiring professional pool builders. Here are top 5 reasons that make professional pool builders necessary to consult. And hire in order to install a pool system at home:

Pool Construction in Nevada or Elsewhere

To build a pool, specific tools, equipment and pool friendly construction skills are required. This includes training, experience and before hand knowledge of what it takes to build a pool in every step of the process. The construction material required alone is a hassle to gather. Because a low grade material used can reverse the whole process, causing you to lose money or pay up even more in repairs and in correcting faults. Opening a pool and setting it up is a time consuming process, and tiring to say the least.

It is an extensive process that requires attention to even minor details. The same applies to closing a pool. Cleaning the pool, testing water levels, alkalinity, pH, and calcium levels and maintaining them on a constant basis. It is a tad bit too much to do when you’re committed to other priorities such work and family. Not to mention, these tasks require different tools and personnel to be carried out accurately. If not, the pool will not function effectively.

Pool Chemical Maintenance

There’s a certain level of pool chemistry you need to maintain. That certain level of pool chemistry means there are many more delicate details to consider before doing it yourself. Maintaining a correct balance of chemicals and minerals is a tough job that requires trained experience. For example, you may be successful at cleaning the algae collected on the surface of the pool but the next day you can wake up to another substance clouding the water. Usually cloudy pool water is a result of imbalanced amount of pool chemicals including: high or low chlorine levels, high pH or high alkalinity. Another common problem is not getting hands on the right authentic chemical products. You’ll find many cheap chemical brands that can upset your pool’s chemistry.

Pool builders in Las Vegas, or any renowned pool builders in your state can ensure using the highest grade products to keep your pool in an optimum healthy condition. They have the right equipment to test pool water’s chemical balance, which is way more accurate than home pool water testing kits that can endanger your health because consuming excessive chemicals or contracting untreated bacteria can be hazardous.

Proper Filtration System

A professional cleaning service ensures a proper infiltration processed is undertaken. They have the right equipment including a water vacuum to properly remove any debris, contaminants and sediments from the pool. Professional pool builders also properly install an infiltration system to ensure the pool poses no health dangers to you and your family. Doing it yourself can compromise on the expert level installation, which can affect the performance of this system.

Licence and Building Codes

A professional knows the building permits required for each city and can get them quickly without having to waste time in learning about the process and encountering any setbacks. Usually, homeowners are not familiar with specific building permits required and they end up incurring hefty fines as a result.

There are also building codes to watch out for. Some states actually require pools to be constructed by licensed professionals only. Homeowners can also be ignorant of building according to the pool construction regulations.


The overall cost of building and maintaining a pool yourself exceeds the quotes given by professional pool builders. This is because you need to purchase building equipment for each step of the process, and then tools and equipment for maintenance as well. Considering, only high grade tools and equipment are appropriate, you’d be investing a lot of money in them. Machines and tools also require regular maintenance and/or even repair in some instances.

All of this raises the cost above that of other alternatives. Not to mention, it is hectic and a time consuming job. Moreover, professionals are proactive rather than reactive which means they can spot any issues on time and have you avoid greater costs. It is a good idea to explore the custom pools and landscaping in Las Vegas as these are the top notch pool sights that serve as a marvel of the city.

Custom Spas and and Custom Pools

There are many customized projects built by pool builders in Las Vegas or more precisely, in Summerlin Las Vegas to admire and get inspiration from. These projects include custom spas built into pools, usually as a unique enclosed mini pool inside a larger one.

Summerlin Las Vegas also features houses with a variety of indoor pools that you can explore to get an idea for your own indoor pool.

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