Types of Pool Warranties

Types of Pool Warranties

Read on for a discussion on pool purchase benefits and types of pool warranties. A pool purchase is a major investment. Although worth it, due to increasing property values, a consumer needs to obtain warranties in case of problems down the road. Competent pool builders in Las Vegas, always offer warranties on any pool that they sell. Custom pools in Las Vegas can be a bit more expensive. Consumers can protect their investment by only buying pools that come with good warranties.

There are three types of pool warranties. The first is the pool warranty. This covers the pool itself. An example is a fiberglass shell warranty may cover for up to 25 years. If there is a defect in the gel-coated surface, a warranty may last for anywhere from a 1 to 7 years. Note: In general, vinyl liners are only covered at the seams that a pool installer puts together. All pool manufacturers have different warranties. Always read the warranty information prior to purchasing the pool. Buyers need to ask questions and read everything regarding the sale. This include understanding all warranty guarantees.

A prominent, Summerlin las Vegas, pool retailer has an excellent reputation for superior customer service. This retailer explains warranty information to every consumer. Expert pool builders in Las Vegas, not only construct top-of-the-line pools, they also have warranties that covers their work. This is the workmanship warranty that every pool buyer should have. This guarantee covers anything missed or incomplete after installation. Pool builders are good at what they do. Most do not make mistakes. This warranty is good to have just in case.

Another important pool warranty is on the equipment. This covers things like pumps, filters, salt chlorinator, heater and lights. Typically this warranty is for only 1 year. Sometimes these parts may be covered if the builder has an agreement with those companies that make these parts. Often builders can get the consumer three years for an equipment warranty. It is wise to ask, as every warranty is different.

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