Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools

Salt water pools have been all the rave lately, especially custom pools in Las Vegas, due to the warm climate.

They were first introduced in the 1960s, and they’ve become increasingly popular over the past few years. So, what is the reason for this change? Do saltwater pools have more benefits than a chlorine pool? Research says yes! However, as deceiving as the name may be, chlorine is not completely eliminated from the equation. Salt water pools are actually chlorine generators! Despite the name, you will still have some chlorine in your pool just at a much lower concentration.

Most likely, if you are in the hot climate near Summerlin Las Vegas, you are looking to add a pool to your home to make the hot days a little easier to bear. But you’re probably not sure if you should get a salt water system or a chlorine system. Well, worry no more! We are a company that builds custom pools in Las Vegas, and we can walk you through your decision by providing you with the pros and cons of each option.

Pros of a Chlorine Pool

Chlorine tablets have been the traditional way to keep your pool disinfected for many years. They are usually put into an external device installed near your pool. Water from your pool will flow over these tablets and slowly dissolve them to disperse chlorine throughout the water. They make it very easy to maintain appropriate chlorine levels in your pool, and they are extremely effective at blocking the growth of bacteria and algae. A chlorine system is also easier to install. However, you will have to refill your chlorine dispenser every 1-3 weeks.


If you have been spending your summers by the pool, you’re all too familiar with green straw-like hair, dry skin, and burning eyes. Chlorine tends to be very harsh on skin and hair due to chloramines.

Pros of a Salt Water Pool

Ordinary salt is added to your pool, and the dissolved salt is converted into natural chlorine by a process called electrolysis. The device allowing this conversion to take place is a chlorine generator. When the chlorine breaks down it becomes salt again so you won’t need to add salt to your pool often. Conveniently most saltwater generators indicate when more salt needs to be added to the water. The amount of salt added is roughly one teaspoon per gallon water which is undetectable to the human taste buds. The amount of salt in the ocean is about ten times the amount found in a salt water pool. The result is the same sanitation performance you receive from a traditional chlorine pool but with much lower concentrations, and there is no need to buy, store, or handle chlorine.

Better for Your Skin, Nose, and Eyes

One thing you will notice instantly is how smooth and silky the water feels. The water won’t dry out your skin, and the chlorine smell is eliminated due to its lower concentrations. It is also a lot easier on the eyes and fabrics. You no longer have to worry about your swimsuits becoming faded.


There are some cons to having a salt water pool. The initial costs of installing a salt water system can be pricier. Salt can also be corrosive leading to the damage of pool accessories, so pool builders in Las Vegas must take precautions.

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