Custom Hot Tubs Las Vegas

Custom Hot Tubs Las Vegas


What better way to relax than immersing yourself in warm soothing waters of a hot tub! The high powered jets of the tub will relieve you of any aches and pains and calm your nerves. Your mood will be alleviated with this experience. All in all, a hot tub serves as the best way to rejuvenate from your stressful daily life.

You could plan to get one installed in your own backyard!

What exactly is a hot tub?

It is essentially a water-filled tub that facilitates relaxation and massage through heat and jets. A hot tub bath has multiple benefits for the body and the mind. The warm water through the jets massages the body and opens the pores. This improves the quality of the skin. Massage provided by the water jet rids you of any kind of pain. It also enhances your blood circulation. The whole experience of staying submerged in warm water soothes your nerves. This makes you relax mentally uplifting your mood. You feel light and more confident. The calming effect of warm water leads to sound sleep.

In larger hot tubs you can enjoy a warm relaxing spa with the family having a great bonding time.

Hot tubs can be fabricated with a variety of materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Acrylic
  • Concrete
  • Metal

Each of these has its benefits and drawbacks. Select a material according to your need and get the hot tub fabricated.

Wondering how to get a custom hot tub?

High-quality custom hot tubs in Las Vegas are provided by Summerlin pools. We design your dream hot tub for you. The size of the hot tub can be small to accommodate just one person or it can be large enough for six people. You can specify the size you like and we will create it for you.  The shape of the hot tub can also be customized to meet your needs. Jets will be placed appropriately in the tub so that you get maximum benefits. We use quality parts in our hot tub so that they require minimal maintenance. Our hot tubs are sturdy and long lasting. We are certified and licensed hot tub builders in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In case you want a hot tub and feel you may be tight on finances. Don’t worry! Summerlin Pools offers loan facilities so that you can get it installed.

We also help you maintain your hot tub by providing repair services.

Enjoy a refreshing hot tub experience with hot tubs provided by Summerlin Pools! Contact us for a free quote!